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Here are the top ten articles for the Pediatrics Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. When to worry about a baby's head growth
A baby's head circumference is measured at every visit for the first year of life. What do the measurements mean? When to worry? Are growth charts accurate?

2. Should you get a Trampoline?
Backyard trampolines are a favorite amongst kids and adults alike. However, research, statistics, and pure medical experience tells us that they are detrimental to our children's health and well-being. Check out the facts.

3. Common School Year Illnesses
Many illness seem to occur during the school year. This article will cover the common illness to expect as well as how to help your child at home and when to send your child back to school.

4. Does my baby have colic?
Your baby seems to cry periodically with no rhyme or reason. How to tell if your baby has colic and what you can do to make it better for your baby and for you.

5. Taking the Bite away from the tick
Ticks are usually of little concern except in areas where Lyme Disease occurs. If you live in an area high risk for Lyme, here are the issues to consider, and what to do if your child gets a tick bite.

6. Power Struggles with Young Children
Avoid wars of words with your children and power struggles in general.

7. Kids and Technology - tips for safe use
The dangers of too much technology in our lives and the impact on our kids. Tips for how to de-connect from technology and reconnect with your family. Safety and health considerations for kids and technology.

8. Handling Genetic Disorders - A Mitochondrial Disease Family's Story
Some families are blessed with health children but many others are facing a very different situation with life altering and threatening conditions. This is Part I of a 3 part series on genetic disorders and the issues families need to consider.

9. When Should Your Child see the Doctor
How sick is too sick? When should you take your little one in to the Emergency, the doctor, or just stay home and wait it out?

10. Sun and Warm Weather Safety For Children
Sun and warm weather provide us with some of the best family times we'll ever have. But, both elements have inherent dangers particularly for small children. Here are the points you need to consider, and items you need on hand, to keep your family safe on even the balmiest of days!

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